Retail and Shopping Mall

No business can exist or grow without a safe and secure environment. In the context of several security challenges that we currently face, the key to reducing risks and preventing losses lies in being aware, alert and prepared at all times.

EZ Security's retail division can provide you with a flexible and adaptable retail security service. Our loss prevention officers are highly skilled and trained in both areas of security and customer service. All of our clients strive to provide the highest standards of service in their stores, so we ensure that our officers are perfectly suited to this environment.

We understand the importance of balancing essential security needs with the highest levels of customer care and staff protection, to provide a secure and friendly shopping experience for the public.

We provide our clients with the following,

Uniformed Retail Officers
Plain Clothed Officers
Store Detectives
CCTV Operators

All of our services are very flexible and can be tailor made to suit your individual needs or requirements; we offer highly competitive rates to our client